Announcements for the week of October 18, 2015


15-10-18, Pentecost 21, BA-2015B


“…atheism of all shades—crass atheism, or pantheism, or polytheism, or agnosticism—is neither rational nor scientific.  On the contrary, atheism springs from the suppression and denial of the natural knowledge of God.  And this suppression has its source in  man’s love of immorality.” (F. Pieper,  Christian Dogmatics, Vol 1, 372-373)


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  1. I rather hate to break it to you but polytheism and pantheism and agnosticism aren’t atheism, it’s in the definition.

    Since most if not all religions make the same claim you do, that one is just denying one’s natural knowledge of their god, how can you show that your god is the one that exists?

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