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    • "God so loved the world," John 3:14-21 March 15, 2018
      Gods love surpasses human boundaries God loves real sinners Such love in Christ is not bound or conditioned by mans response nor least of all dependent on it Gods love is unconditional as is seen Christ who died for all sinners That not all believe is not due to Gods lack of love but to mans rejection and disbelief
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Announcements for the Week of December 15, 2013





Hypocrites and evil men are indeed associated with the true church as far as outward ceremonies are concerned. But when we come to define the church, we must define that which is the living body of Christ and is the church in fact as well as in name.  We must understand what it is that chiefly makes us members, and living members, of the church. If we were to define the church as only an outward organization embracing both the good and the wicked, then men would not understand that the kingdom of Christ is the righteousness of the heart and the gift of the Holy Spirit but would think of it as only the outward observance of certain devotions and rituals.  Then, too,what difference will there be between the church and the Old Testament people? Yet Paul distinguishes the church from the Old Testament people by the fact that the church is a spiritual people, separated from the heathen not by civil rites but by being God’s true people, reborn by the Holy Spirit. Among the Old Testament people, those born according to the flesh had promises about physical well-being, political affairs, etc. in addition to the promise about Christ. Because of these promises even the wicked among them were called the people of God inasmuch as God had separated these physical descendants from other nations by certain outward ordinances and promises.  Nevertheless, these evil people did not please God.   But the Gospel brings not the shadow of eternal things but the eternal blessings themselves, the Holy Spirit and the righteousness by which we are righteous before God. (¶12-15)


[The Lutheran Confessions]


13-12-15, Advent 4, BA-2013A



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