Whoever Loves Jesus Keeps His Word

Novelty in the Christian faith is something to be wary of. The Christian faith is historic. Christians have gone before us and Christians will come after us. The one common thread is the faith of our Lord Christ, in Him who is the same yesterday, today, forever (Hebrews 13:8).

The objective Christian faith is this way. It does not change as the seasons. It does not change with the times. It stays the same and does not because its Author stays the same and never changes. This is great comfort! God the Lord does not change His love and mercy towards you. Independent of the sin and regardless of the trespass, God the Father, through His Son, gives you His entire and complete forgiveness. It doesn’t matter how big of sinner you are. Nor does it matter what you’ve done. God’s grace is sufficient to cover all of your sin, whether large or small…

Jn14.15-24, Easter 6, 2011A, Devotion.pdf

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