The Altar Guild Manual–LSB edition

“This helpful handbook will help those dedicated to providing a reverent worship space that demonstrates love and respect for God and His people gathered in His name. This manual covers altar guild functions such as displaying, cleaning, and storing paraments and linens appropriately; caring for sacramental vessels and vestments; preparing for and cleaning up after worship services; ordering supplies; and more. This is an excellent reference book for any church library.”[1]

This manual gives direction to the altar guild for the care of God’s house.  Not every question will be answered to every one’s satisfaction, but much is offered that is benefit to all who read/study it.  It might very well serve as an introduction to the care of the vessels used in worship, the various items in the sanctuary and their uses, and the vestments worn by the clergy and the assistants.

For any who are serving in an altar guild, would like to know what the various furnishings used in the worship are called, or who would like to know more about what goes on “behind the scenes” (and why), this book is an initial resource for further understanding and appreciatingthe things of God’s house.


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