Confirmation Bulletin, 5-23-10

Confirmation Bulletin, Pentecost Sunday, 5-23-10.pdf


Confirmation Bulletin Insert & Announcements, 5-23-10

Confirmation Bulletin Insert 5-23-10.pdf

Trinity Sunday Announcements


John 16:12-22, “A Little While”

Jn16.12-22, Easter 5, 2010C.pdf

Ascension Sermon Outline

AscensionSermonOutline, 2010C.pdf

John 14:23-31, 2010C.Confirmation Day Sermon

Jn14.23-31, Pentcost, 2010C.Confirmation.pdf

John 16:23-33, “You Have Peace with God in Jesus Christ”

Jn16.23-33, Easter 6, 2010C.pdf

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